More on facilities …

Thought it would be wise to share additional updates regarding potential facility upgrades/development at Interstate 35 Community School District.

  • A Facilities Committee has been formed … Steering Committee members of the Facilities Committee are Cindi Cassady, Tim Palmer, Pat Thornburgh, and Nancy Von Feldt
  • The Facilities Committee (23 members representing various constituencies within the district) met on Thursday, November 10
    • Reviewed mission/purpose of the committee
    • Toured existing facilities
    • Reviewed concept drawings of improvements being recommended
    • Discussed funding options available
  • The law requires a petition to place an issue on the ballot in a special school election – the minimum number of signatures on the petition is 25% of the total number of voters in the last school regular election (September 2015)
  • The committee is starting to collect signatures … it is important to note that signing the petition is only to force placing the issue on a special election ballot to allow district patrons to decide yes or no … a signature does NOT indicate approval
  • The timeline is to place the bond issue on the ballot at a special election on Tuesday, February 7, 2017
  • The overall cost of the multiple projects is estimated to be $12-$15 million and includes the following projects:
    • Auditorium (in current location of art and music rooms)
    • Career and Technical Education building (standalone just north of the school – metal building that could be expanded in the future)
    • Bus shed (wash bay, mechanic’s bay, storage, and office – no indoor bus storage – either in current location or attached to the CTE building – metal building that could be expanded in the future)
    • Maintenance shed (to house outdoor equipment, storage, and provide adequate work space – either attached to the CTE building or standalone – expandable metal building)
    • Fine arts center/area (music and art would move to a new area where the current CTE space is located)
    • Enlarged elementary lunchroom
    • Enlarged high school commons area and updated entrance to the high school
    • HVAC improvements (air conditioning either as part of this project or as a standalone project)
  • Financing the improvements would include the following:
    • $7 million from general obligation bond (approximately the same $2.23 rate everyone is currently paying – that levy expires in June 2017 so the “new” levy would simply replace the current levy, e.g., no tax impact for our patrons based on current valuation – if valuation within the district goes up, the levy will go down)
    • $7 million from borrowing against future earnings of the SAVE Fund (state sales tax penny – this one involves no local property taxes)
    • The entire project is designed to be cost-neutral for district patrons

This was just a quick overview of what’s happening; the Facilities Committee has developed a website that provides additional information (  This website will be regularly updated as more specific information is developed.